So you feel that it’s time to demolish your old concrete structure. Demolishing concrete is a fairly straightforward process, but first here are four things you should consider before your concrete demolition.

#1 – Assess if a concrete demolition is necessary

Before you undertake the demolition process, assess whether a demolition is the correct way to go. Some concrete issues might still be fixable by a less expensive repair. However, if you observe these circumstances, then a demolition is the smarter, more effective choice.

  • Deep and widespread cracking on your slab or walls
  • Extensive spalling that hints of poor concrete quality
  • Settlement and uneven levelling in flooring, probably caused by poor subgrade preparation
  • Frost heave that has caused the slab to lift and crack

Knowing when you should remove a concrete slab or repair it will save you a ton of money. If you’re demolishing completely to make way for a brand new structure, then go to the next consideration.

#2 – Permit Requirements

In Melbourne, a building permit for demolition must be obtained for the following cases:

  • The demolition affects part of the building facade
  • More than half of the building volume is being demolished

For large demolition projects, a planning permit is also required by the authorities. Make sure that you obtain the necessary permits and settle the proper fees before the demolition if needed.

#3 – DIY vs. hiring a contractor?

For small concrete structures, you can choose to either get the job done yourself or hire a contractor. If you answer yes to the questions below, then a DIY project might be a good idea.

  • Is your slab or wall less than 4 inches thick?
  • Is the concrete lightly or completely unreinforced?
  • Are you sure that no utility lines are running underneath the concrete?
  • Do you have the tools required (shovel, sledge or jackhammer, wheelbarrow, bar cutters, and personal protective equipment)?
  • Are you used to heavy labour?
  • Are concrete disposal fees reasonable where you live?

Otherwise, you’d need professional help. As trusted specialists in concrete demolition, Concut Vic can get the job done to the highest safety standards. We can fulfil your demolition needs on time and within budget. Call us at 03 9790 5980 for fast free quotes or visit our website to request a FREE on-site inspection.

#4 – Demolition method

There are several methods available to demolish concrete. The one suited best for your project depends on several factors such as space constraints, time, and budget.

  • Crane and Wrecking Ball

One of the oldest methods available, this uses the weight of a heavy steel ball to demolish concrete structures. This method is usually employed for large and total demolition projects when space constraints and the effect on neighbouring structures do not present an issue. A wrecking ball demolition has the advantage of speed, but it requires a high level of technical skill. It also produces lots of dust, noise, and vibration.

Demolition method

Demolition method

  • Concrete Sawing

Concrete sawing pertains to breaking down concrete into smaller pieces through saw cutting. This is a great choice when space and noise are an issue, as this limits both dust and noise disruption. As experts in concrete cutting, we work with high-end wall and slab cutting equipment that’s able to slash through concrete flawlessly without chips or blemishes. Dismantling through concrete sawing is suitable for small to medium-sized concrete structures.

  • Hydraulic Breakers

For projects that require more speed and power, we use hydraulic breaker equipment to break and demolish concrete. At Concut Vic, we use a powerful machine called the DXR300 Demolition Robot. This high-end equipment allows us to swiftly demolish concrete with minimal noise and damage to the surroundings. Unlike other hydraulic breakers, the DXR300 is compact yet powerful so it’s able to navigate even confined spaces with high manoeuvrability.

Hydraulic Breakers

Hydraulic Breakers

Once you’ve decided on your demolition, call us at 03 9790 5980 or visit our website so we can advise what demolition procedure is best for you. With over 55 years of experience in the business, we are your go-to guys in Melbourne for all your concrete sawing, cutting, and demolition needs.