If you’re a Melbourne business owner, the safety of your staff, partners, and customers is no doubt a top priority.

For industrial businesses in particular, your concrete floors—while sturdy and robust—can become slippery very easily (especially during periods of poor weather).

But, rather than covering up or getting rid of your no doubt heard-wearing and reliable concrete or tile flooring, there is a simple yet effective solution that will make it safer—safety grooving.

Professional safety grooving will offer your business no end of long-term benefits and as Melbourne’s trusted concrete experts, we’re going to tell you about them right now.

Safety grooving explained

Safety grooving refers to the process of texturing a concrete surface to make it stronger and more grippable, especially in adverse weather conditions. It’s an intricate process that requires specialist skills and equipment.

How much does safety grooving cost?

Safety grooving costs vary depending on the exact size and nature of the job. At Concut Victoria, we price all of our jobs to the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

All of our pricing is fair, honest, and completely transparent. No unwanted financial surprises or hidden costs—we can even offer you a fast FREE site inspection & quote.

What is the professional safety grooving process?

The professional  safety grooving process involves cutting a series of shallow and circular groove patterns into existing concrete, tile or deck floors to provide a functional and completely slip-resistant surface.

Our safety grooving service extends to surfaces including ramps, walkways, driveways, and factory floors, to name a few.

The business-boosting benefits of safety grooving

Professional safety grooving offers a host of business-boosting benefits. By texturising your commercial flooring, you will make your business a safer place to be.

Not only will your brand new non-slip surfaces protect your employees and customers, but by reducing the risk of workplace accidents, you will avoid costly financial losses or legal confrontations.

In addition to increased safety and long-term financial protection, safety grooving will also make your business floors easier operate on or navigate which, in turn, will boost productivity. And, when your workforce is more productive, you’re likely to make more money.

A real win-win situation and a testament to just how great an investment safety grooving is for busy Melbourne businesses.

We’re experts in safety grooving

If you want to make your Melbourne business safer, more successful, and more amenable, we can help.

As one of Melbourne’s most trusted safety grooving specialists, we have the tools, talent, and resources to transform your business flooring for the better.

Benefits of using Concut for your safety grooving needs:

  • We are Melbourne’s safety grooving specialists
  • We boast over 55 years of concrete industry experience
  • We promise silent and fumeless demolition
  • WE offer FREE professional on-site inspections
  • We offer a swift same-day service
  • We always make sure we are on time and in budget

If you’re looking for a concrete safety grooving specialist near you, call us on (03) 9790 5980 or fill out our form for a fast FREE quote. We look forward to working with you.