The construction industry has many situations where a company needs to eliminate a specific area of concrete on a construction area. There are cases when simple demolition jobs require a simple jackhammer. This is not suitable if neighbouring spaces of concrete must have their integrity maintained. If you are a business owner and would like to have some areas demolished the solution to this dilemma is through precision concrete cutting. Moreover, this is also suitable for homeowners who want to remove a specific area. This article will show how much concrete cutting costs in Melbourne and what are the factors that affect its cost.

Why does traditional concrete demolition not work sometimes?

The use of traditional concrete removal is not suitable if the area for demolition does not involve a whole area. Stress fracture might result from vibrations caused by jackhammers and other heavy-machinery equipment. The method for concrete cutting that Concut Vic uses results in no vibration. Our company uses water and a specialized blade to remove specific areas of concrete.

What are the factors that affect the price of concrete cutting cost?

These factors include the available space to work in, ease of access of location, whether radar scanning is needed to check hidden issues, the depth of the concrete cut, and the kind of machinery necessary to do the job. Other factors also include the location, areas that are hard to work on, and the use of innovative equipment which are noise-free.

How much does concrete cutting cost?

One of the factors that affect the cost of concrete cutting is the depth of the cut. It costs around $15 for 100 mm depth and $40 for 300 mm. Concrete cutting companies may charge different prices for varying kinds of concrete such as gutters and curbs. This pricing only serves as a guide and you can always ask for the exact price from different concrete cutting service providers in Melbourne.

Type of Concrete Cutting Price ($)
Concrete core drilling 1.45 (25 mm) to 3.15 (150 mm)
Concrete floor hand sawing 60.00 (100 mm) to 85.00 (200 mm)
Concrete wall hand sawing 5.00 (25 mm) to 26.10 (150 mm)
Track-mounted concrete sawing per linear foot 37.00 (200 mm)

How much does it cost to hire a concrete cutter?

The cost in hiring a concrete cutter is influenced by the depth of the cut, by market, the location, areas that are hard to work on, the use of innovative equipment which are noise-free, and whether disposal services will be included. The cost ranges from $250 to $700.

What are the advantages of concrete cutting?


Most concrete cutting systems are automated and have varying features for different surfaces. Traditional cutting methods often have uncontrolled cuts and openings whereas concrete cutting provides precise cutting experience.

Ear-friendly and environmentally-friendly

Concrete cutting is quiet compared to traditional demolition. This does not cause annoyance because of incessant noise. On the other hand, traditional demolition pollutes the air because it creates dust. Majority of concrete cutting companies like Concut Vic use a wet method that is free from dust. Moreover, large bulk are eliminated by concrete cutting systems.

Maintains Integrity

Traditional concrete removal methods pose a danger to future residents of an area because of the significant vibrations that these produce.It is possible that life-threatening problems can result from microfractures in the concrete. Concrete cutting companies use advanced cutting saws that have little to no vibration which maintains the building’s structural integrity.

Construction is a serious trade that does not tolerate error. An incorrect judgment caused by human error can cause the lives of people living in that building. Thus, it is a must to use a safe method which is concrete cutting.

At Concut Vic, our team of experts in Melbourne have 55 years of experience when it comes to concrete cutting. You can be assured that the job gets efficiently and quickly done if you need a specific area of hard space removed. If you shift to traditional demolition methods, you can put your project at risk of damaging the structural integrity of the concrete that will cost you more money than necessary.

If you need a precision concrete cutting job, you can contact our team of professionals at Concut Vic for a free quote. Call us today!